PLEASE NOTE: We are NOT an organization that distributes free Christmas gifts to needy families. This web site was solely created to help make it easier for our users to share gift wish lists with friends & family. Thank you!

Welcome to, the first and only online Christmas Gift Registry anywhere outside the North Pole. It will change the way you organize your Christmas Shopping for years to come. And the best part of this service is that it is FREE! That's right, FREE! offers many innovative, time-saving features:

  1. Your children can send Santa an email telling him what they want for Christmas and they will receive an automated personal reply within a few hours. PLEASE NOTE: If your child emails Santa before you set up your account, you MUST go through the approval process for your child's listing in order to be able to create your account.
  2. You can create a gift registry for your entire immediate family.
  3. Your family and friends can be given private access to your registry. They will then be able to make use of our "Pick-A-Present" feature to decide which gifts they will buy for you and your family members.
  4. You can add your children to Santa’s Naughty or Nice Lists for this Christmas season and purchase one-of-a-kind certificates celebrating their addition to the list.
  5. You can also purchase our unique and immensely popular "Diplomas From Santa" celebrating your child’s holiday abilities – from gift wrapping to their enchanting Christmas spirit.
  6. Our gift registry provides instant access to over 100 of the most popular online retailers, making your shopping easy, convenient, and accessible from the comfort of your own home.

So take a few minutes to set up your FREE account and change your Christmas gift shopping experience forever! - Personalized Your Name Academic Gear - Personalized Your Name Election Gear

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